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Sweet. I think that oughta be enough for now, and hopefully new recruits will come along the way. We need more Chunin, methinks And jmac, can you add a little more description to your character pwease?

And on a last note: I'm adding another character =D

Name: Daisuke Tategami
Age: 43
Rank: Jonin
Gender: Male
Appearance: - 180 cm tall
- Square Jawline
- Muscular build
- White Hair
- Brown eyes
- Wears the traditional Jonin Shinobi vest.
Personality: Calm and strong minded. Though often seen to be overly proud of his physical strength.
Weapons: Basic Ninja equipment (Kunai, Shuriken, Scrolls, etc...)
Nature Type: Fire and Wind
Justu: - Fire Release: Dragon Fire technique
- Great Dragon Fire Technique
- Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
- Fire Release: Shield of Justice
- Rasengan
- Fire Release: Great Flaming Rasengan
- Wind Release: Hair Wind
- Summoning Technique (Lions)
- Werebeast Form

Justu learned after Training Arc

Were Technique: Rasenrengan (Tategami self taught himself this one during the fight against Gosai. He can create Two Rasengan Spheres and infuse them with Werebeast Chakra. However, he has to be in his Werebeast form in order to perform this Justu.

Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning (too lazy to explain . Here is a link)

Fire Release: Inverted Meteor Storm (Similar to the Phoenix Immortal Fire technique, the user plants his palm to the ground after performing the necasary hand seals. Afterwards, balls of fire erupt from the earth and do surrounding damage to anything it comes into contact with. This is primarily used for a trap, or even as a distraction.)

Biography Daisuke Tategami is a fellow Jonin of Konoha. He was assigned to lead the mission of protecting the sacred burial site from the mysterious Ogawa. Both fast and strong, Tategami unafraid to express proudness of his physical stature, which often leads to embarasment towards his fellow companions. Though a very skilled ninja, rumor has it that Tategami knows a secret forbidden Justu that he has not used for twenty-years.

EDIT: I'll start the RP shortly. Not tonight though, but when I have a spare minute.

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