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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
While I agree that this is true, I also think that the U.S. bears a unique role considering that so much of our "culture" is exported. If Americans were giving up coca-cola, levi's, and Mickey D's for whatever the equivalent is in Russia, I think we could argue that the relationship is reciprocal. My 2 cents again.
Fair enough example. So you're implying that we exert significant influence?
As-is, though...I cannot be totally sure. After all, violence is kind of a universal truth regardless, is it not? Besides, I thought we've gone from the envy of the world to the most despised?

I think I generally get what you're saying, being that we're an economic superpower (if not *the* economic superpower), that more of what we do here gets out to the rest of the world than we realize.

So if that BackYard Wrestling audition tape I made awhile ago were to leak on youtube or be sold--potentially I could be setting a bad example for the emulative natured youth in the rest of the world OF America?

Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
Really? I'll believe you once we are alowed to believe what we want regarding our police without having said police knocking at our door the next day.
Well, then I stand corrected, I guess they do believe in it...however their interpretations of excessive are different from what US police (or at least the regulating laws thereof) consider excessive. (Though I certainly wouldn't put it past our cops to hold a resistant suspect in place while one of them jump-kicked him in the head--given the chance in the right circumstances).

Certainly, though, make me more privy...that is if you won't get in trouble for it.

Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Honestly if you expect the Army to give a more accurate picture of what the Army really is, it isn't ever going to happen.
This is true.

Who would want to play a game where you wake up muster for duty, spend a few hours standing watch with nothing going on, do drills, march, and stand around whining about being bored. Then you get the joy of driving a humvee with a couple of officers in it across the base. Then you get to wash said humvee. Clean dust filters, clean weapons, clean the barracks, clean more stuff, and pretty well do nothing for months.

It is a smart idea to get people interested in the Army. It should not however be the sole deciding factor in whether a person joins. Anyone that decides to do something based solely on a video game is a fool. However it may get someone interested in talking to a recruiter.

Pretty much what Jedi Athos said.

Yeah, doing serious things because of a video game is pretty damn foolish. If it were completely honest (or any other industry were, come to think of it) probably nothing would sell, and nobody would join.

On a somewhat related note, everyone I have ever met that served came out a better person. Not saying that nobody comes out worse, it is just that I haven't seen anyone who came out a worse person than when they went in.
Character wise, most I know have come out better.

I'd wager that it kind of depends on the individual, circumstances prior to and during service, and a number of other factors. The majority of the time, though, yeah.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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