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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
I think the evidence would support that, yes.

Universal truth in what regard? I'm not arguing the U.S. or our culture is the source of violence. I do think that we take violence and place a value on it that may or may not be more significant than what's seen in other cultures, but is arguably excessive for a society that as advanced as we like to think ours is.
I said kind of... Well, okay. Just wanting to make sure we're connecting.
Regardless how advanced a society is, it just seems like some violence of some sort would be inevitable--just saying. Still in the here and now, it is glorified quite a bit, true.

Anything I said here would simply be guessing. Like any other society, we have our pluses and our minuses. I think other countries would put different things in those columns to varying degrees.
Hmm. Subjective perhaps (In that it depends on who looks upon us in that regard)?

Not for much longer.
Hence why I said what I did in falling to most despised--though I could be subconsciously exaggerating that, I suppose.

Yep. Suppose one day you had a son. Do you think that if he ever saw that, it would influence his idea of what it is to be a man? The father/son dynamic is a powerful one, but this could apply to any young person who saw the tape, anywhere in the world.
Hmm. Well I guess influential potential is there then.

@ parental issue: Everything has to be taken into account. Which is why sweeping it under the rug is not the best policy. Honesty on every issue. True, there are times where revealing certain things may not be the best policy, but eventually it'll have to come out.

In general: that was in the back of my mind. So I guess influence exerted is there whether we like it or not. There's the immediate level and then there's the bigger picture.

EDIT: And in a ditch attempt to steer back on course (thank you Achillies for your indulgence),

It is especially important that parents level with their kids on military service. Mine encouraged me to do my homework on it.

Another reason I didn't enlist aside from suspicion of their intent for me, was due to my parents; aging--they had me at a fair age. However, my father's disability is part of several factors in his currently worsening condition nearing retirement age. My mother, well, she's just working herself to death.

Without me to come over and do grunt work and heavy lifting, it would be a hardship on the family.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.

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