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19 years later...

The Akatsuke have been long defeated. Sasuke's plan to destroy Konoha has been compromised. The entire land of shinobi has been left with calm and peace it has awaited for that lasts... until now.

While the major crime syndicate organisations have been crippled, others still pose a threat to the entire nation. As such, the group who calls themselves the Arashi plead for the assistance of a team of ninjas to aid them in protecting their sacred burial ground from the Ogawa.

Kaneda wriggled around in his bed, disturbed by the constant "beeping" from his alarm clock. He pulled open his heavy eyelids and allowed his sight to adjust to the flashing numbers 8:30.

He whacked the alarm clock, which fell off his side table. He turned to his other side, wrapped around in his warm blankets. He groaned.

"I'll have to get up sooner or later..." he said allowed. Kaneda would be late for the mission briefing if he didn't get up out of bed. Grudgingly, he pulled himself away from the warm sheets, and walked across the dark room towards the window. He opened it, and a gush of light surrounded his room. There he overlooked the streets of Konoha in the early morning. People were already up and about: attending to their business.

Kaneda yawned, and walked to his wardrobe to put his outfit on.
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