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Character skinning update

Hey everyone, I haven't been idle, so here are a couple of screenshots.

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I've changed Carth's uniform completely, to look like Dodonna's Admiral uniform, but with the same style boots he wore in Kotor. It uses the Sith Officer model (altered) so that he has that extra animation of putting his hands on his hips. His hair is starting to grey, and he has a few wrinkles (he's about 51 by the time of RofR), and he finally let his beard grow in proper, rather than the day old stubble. An Admiral needs to look his best after all .

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For Dustil, I've made a Czerka combat suit, and I've altered Carth's jacket as his base clothes. It is slightly faded, and he wears grey pants and black boots (like his Sith Officer uniform). The good thing about the combat suit, is that it will be wearable by everyone. He hasn't changed very much since Kotor. He's a little older, with only a few laugh lines for distinction.

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After doing Atinah's underwear so revealing, I knew that I'd have to do something similar for a male character. For Kelborn's underwear, I've finished all the various scars, and matched all the seams around the neck and shoulders. He has the same tattoo as Canderous, suggesting that they've known each other for a long time (brothers-in-arms, same unit or something). Because I had the room (and was bored), I even made some of his fingers different (hard to see but he has a ring on his right middle finger, and a scar on his left index finger). I couldn't get the chest or back to be asymetrical, so he has no scars there. I figure that he is such a good warrior, that no one has gotten a critical body shot on him, only his arms and legs.

If anyone has any opinions to share, please do. If any of the ladies that play Kotor have any ideas about the men's underwear, I'd really like to hear your perspective.

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