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Exclamation I know I'm dense... Q's about creating new items

I have tried looking at some of Achilles' HOW TO's and was kinda following T7's custom armor guide, but I just don't get it. If someone can direct me on my few simple attempts, I hope it'll help me to start to figure this stuff out.

What I am attempting to do, and failing at, is create new upgrade items. I also want to create new icons for them.

My areas of trouble (other than everything) are:

1.) I edit an item, for example, a lightsaber emitter in KT. I resref it and save it as u_l_emit_76.uti(or other unsued #). I place it in my override, add it to my game in KSE, and it shows up in my inventory, BUT, I cannot equip it to a saber. What is the obvious things I need to check/do?

2.) I created a .tga icon for it, how do I "attach" it to the emitter .uti?

This is not directly related to this topic, but I am wondering if anyone has created a dictionary/encyclopedia about modding? Like, what do .mdx files do and when are they needed? .mdl files are for... .uti files do... this. Is there a thread that explains or defines the parts of modding in layman terms?

So, anyone got time or inclination to hold my hand? Please!?!

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