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Since we're on about hot VG characters and it doesn't seem to be strictly about SWKOTOR, or SW for that matter RE: characters...
I got a couple of old ladies on my list that are the hottest video game heroine divas ever.

Chun-Li, been around since 1991/92.
Samus Aran, been around since 1986.

While I guess the girls of the KOTOR series aren't bad, I'll take those hot pieces of @$$ any day. Either one--though I'm reserving both. :P

...if we're going VG babes I go all out 'cuz that's how I roll.

However, in reality... Since a freak such as myself has a few social interaction problems, that doesn't exactly come across as attractive to most real women. Plus I notice they dislike competing with fictional characters who will never lose that perfect figure.

If experience has served as any measure, though, I'd personally say I like those agressive amazon women. You can't hit me, much less beat the crap outta me, if you can't touch me. More often than not this has been a recipe for favorable results tipped in my direction.

Sword fights are loads of fun with them.
Ah, those times they lose and they have to honor their word.

Ducks and runs out of thread.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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