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Akagi Shurijima walked slowly through the wet and muddy forest that he was in.

He had been traveling for one day and a night straight, without rest, not that he needed it.

As a Samurai, he had decided to leave his hidden country and go out to the outside world and learn something. What? He'd find that out in good time.

The rain pattered all over his black and red armor, luckily avoiding his precious daisho or swords from becoming wet. He'd have rough time with rusty weapons.

He continued walking until he noticed several buildings and a road. He began walking in that direction until his foot made contact with the muddy road. He then sloshed out into the open street. '

He seemed the only one on the road, or anyone outside for that matter. It was early in the morning, why would anyone be out and about at this hour? Akagi shrugged the thought off and slogged again down the road, towards whatever place he was bound for.

He hoped that his family did not have a feud with this village, as it did with so many of the others. Perhaps he'd get a chance to handle such feuds while he was traveling.

Akagi's stomach rumbled and he shuddered for a second. He should've packed more food, but not much could be spared in his country. He'd have to talk to one and the local villagers, or find some sort of storehouse.

He was a Samurai. How hard could it be?

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