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Consumable Ammunition

Hello Holowan Labs.
I've been browsing around the site for the past week or so, picked up a number of tools, some of which I may or may not be using ever. But we'll see.
Question lies herein. I understand, on some level, creating an item on both Kotor Tool and K-GFF. I also understand that the game's root, if poor choice of word, is NWN. With that in mind, I'm wondering if it's possible to bind an item (noted as specific ammunition) to a weapon, say a slug thrower that a Tusken Raider would use.
Not that I've tested it, which I might should have, but from what I can see setting a limited number of uses to a weapon would be like setting a limited number of uses to a shield. Each shot consumes a charge. However, this would cause the weapon itself to become useless and disposed of once ammunition ran out. Instead of carrying around an armload of the same weapon, it'd be much more practical, if possible, to have a single weapon that fed off the stacks of another item, such as 'bullets'.
My thinking in that this is remotely possible is with the NWN reference, such as binding arrows to a bow. Though, looking at the equip screen it doesn't seem like there'd be a direct way of doing this short of scripting an item lost each round that the weapon is used. Quite a bit of effort. (Also bothersome if it's going to give a pop-up each round to show that something was lost.)

This concept in itself may very well be well beyond my limits as of yet, but I see no harm in asking, anyway. I should clarify, this is for KOTOR1.
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