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Name: Soleto Andonna
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has long, black hair, green eyes. He has an kinda big chin, an ordinary nose, high cheekbones, sleek eyebrows and his eyes are kindof large. He usually wears heavy boots, black armor greaves and bracers, that are incrusted with green ornaments, a black coat, under which he wears a green shirt, dark green fingerless gloves.
Home Planet: Telos
Starship: Heavily modified and old LAAT gunship.
Affiliation: Semi-light. (An exile before, but later joins the light side, combining his universal powers.)
History: Lived a peaceful life until the age of 6, when his father got into the disliking of the local Hutt crimelord - his parents were killed, he himself - sold as a slave for an Geonosian engineer. He served him until the age of 8, when he was enraged by for slaving and realised that he is Force-Sensitive, by force pushing the Geonosian into an rift. Day after this, a Jedi finds him, realizes his Force Sensitivity and takes him up on the academy. There he is trained, but he is reminded oftenly, that he can not let into the rage, because he is very hot-blooded, and can't stand still.
He had a great connection to the force, and that is why he rose to the ranks of a Padawan at the age of 14. Later on, he is promoted to a Jedi Knight at the age of 17, but then, after being sent on a near-suicidal mission to Coruscant with a few republic soldiers, and having them all killed because of his fault - he got into a local Hutt crimelord trap - and barely getting out alive himself, failing the mission - he gives up on the Jedi Order, leaves them, keeping his lightsaber and force sensitivity.
He is living now on Onderon, quietly maintaining his own business and - sometimes - helping the Jedi Order, but he is now thriving for adventures, because he is tired of routine.
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