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Oh man I am such a jerk, posting to a dead thread.
I too am a software dev, and I've been working on some plans for a Rebellion-type game. My concept covers four eras:
  • KOTOR era (time period from Mandalorian War through the Jedi Civil War)
  • Old Republic (time period from the invasion of Naboo though the end of the Clone Wars)
  • New Order (time period of the Galactic Civil War)
  • New Republic (time period after the Galactic Civil War through the Yuuzhon Vong conflict)
As for sides of conflict I'd like to have more than two. For example during the KOTOR era I would have:
  • Old Republic
  • Sith Empire
  • The Hutts
  • The Exchange
  • Mandalorians
The cast of characters would consist of all relevant personnel from related stories. Right now I am no further than the preliminary planning phase. I'll post more when/if there are any changes

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