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(lol i wasn't really expecting a battle so early... bit too early))

Kaneda turned the corner of the street when all of a sudden he saw a commotion. One of his peers, Karela was thrown down onto the wet ground and was about to be staked with a large sword, carried by an armored man.

Kaneda watched his horror as the sword flung down... only to realise Karela had disapeared into smoke. He was relieved to find out that was a shadow clone.

"Right, time to put an end to this..." Kaneda sighed. He clapped his hands together. "Kageyose no Jutsu (Shadow Endgame Technique)"

Instantly, tentacles made from shadows formed from his own, and creeped up to the psycotic man wielding the sword. They restrained him from moving, paralysing him.

"First off, psycho: attacking an innocent person right here in the hidden leaf village is a bad idea. Secondly, its no use trying to escape: this technique has fully restrained you. Why were you attacking her in the first place?"
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