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A lot of modding questions...

I'm planning on heavily modding the weapons of KOTOR II, TSL. However, I'll probabably be remodding weapons from a whole ton of different mods I have, so I probably couldn't release it. Just call it a 'personnal mod'.

Anyways, what I want to do with this little mod for myelf is make the enemy weapons far more potent. No more minimum attacks of 1-5 up 10-20

I want to make the enemies do have minimum attack capabilities of about 30+ damage per hit. It's just that I feel so sorry for the enemies I fight when I deal over a hundred damage in one turn. I like to play the game at maximum difficulty, with my guy being completely lvl'd up to 50 (Then with kotor tool, lvl 100) with extremely insane attributes of about 230 each. So, I basically love playing God mode in the game, but I'd like for the enemies to be far, far tougher and deal far more damage so that, even in God mode, I have a decent challenge.

I always play lightside, so I'll upgrade a lot of darkside, melee, droid, and blaster weapons.

"So, I bet you're asking, why can't he figure this out himself? It sounds like a simple enough mod to make."

Well, there are some wierd mathematics behind the combat in the game I'd like to know explanations for, such as the chance of critical hit system, The DC and saves stuff, etc, etc. Also, is it possible for me to stack attributes on stuff? I'd like to, for example, make the standard red lightsaber increase all attributes by about 150, so I'd have to have 90 statements adding +10 to each attribute via that lightsaber. Would that work?

Also, with grenades and mines, I know that they use spells, and you can't just make 'new spells' with more power. So is it possible for me to stack the same spells more than once to perhaps make a mine/grenade 10x more deadly?

Another question, with blaster weaponry, could someone tell me what each projectile type is/looks like? All I see in the description name of each projectile type is '*****".

I've also tried modifying NPCs in KOTOR tool before, but the changes I make, such as changes to appearance, equipped items, attributes, feats, and powers, never take effect in the game. How come?

BTW, an off-topic question; why can't I change Handmaiden's appearance in KOTOR tool?

Please feed the trolls. XD

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