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That explains a lot.... Are Sniper feats the same as Critical Strike feats then?

Oh and I have couple other questions too...

I love dxun. It's my favorite lvl, and I wish it never had to end. So, making more modules for dxun is not an option, as it is too hard to do. but there is something I'd like to do... Infinite enemy respawns. Essentially, I would like to edit Dxun to turn cannoks into Wraids, Maalrass into Mykals, and Bomas into Dewbacks or Kataarns. I also want to make it so that whenever the dxun jungle & dxun landing lvls reload as I go through them, all the enemies will respawn again. How would I do this?

I'm not afraid to learn scripting.... If it's coded in one of the forms of Basic then I could probably figure it out quite easily...

Also, I've tried changing enemies before starting a new game, and it doesn't work. Yes, I put the files in the override folder. Is the only way to modify the appearance of things by modifying the appearence.2da then?

If so, could someone explain to me exactly what each line of the appearance.2d's settings in KOTOR tool does? Also, how would I modify these settings?

I'm thinking that, if I want to turn cannoks into wraids, it would be a simple matter of changing the cannok line in the appearance.2da to look almost just like the lines for wraids? Would this work, or is there more to it? Also, what should I be careful not to change/be cautious in changing?

Please feed the trolls. XD

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