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The Champions of Mandalore - A Mandalorian RP PvP Clan

Hail, vod!

Thank you for showing interest in the Champions of Mandalore. We are a Mandalorian clan sympathetic to the Galactic Republic. Unlike most of our brethren who have joined the Sith Empire, we are wise enough and have the foresight to see the Sith's true intention. We would be no more then a pawn to them; a means to achieve an end. If they used us to succeed in their goal of defeating the Galactic Republic, then we would become mere slaves, or worse, because the casualties of war would leave our ranks thinned. This is why the Sith Empire must not succeed!

We accept any class, even Jedi, so long as they are willing to conform to Mandalorian ideals and help bring honor back to the Mandalorian name. If you enjoy role-playing and PvP, and are interested in Mandalorian culture, then our clan is an ideal fit for you. Even if you want to pursue PvE or crafting, the Champions of Mandalore would gladly welcome you assuming you will fight for Mandalorian honor. We plan to have something for everyone, and will certainly be involved in all aspects of the game.

You are invited to join our community at and join our community. We have an active role-playing community and also play games such as Halo 3 on XBOX Live so you need not wait to feel part of the clan. If you do find that you are interest in joining, then you may post an application on our forums. If you have any more questions about us, then please check out our forums or our website at .

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