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Thanks for the help. I don't know any C-type programming, but I'll be learning about it in my junior year! Still, there are tutorials to all those forms of programming on the internet that I can learn from. Still, it doesn't sound very hard. I'll have to check it out. Also, I'll be able to tell which module is which on Dxun simply by checking what module(s) the KOTOR Savegame Editor says I'm in on my save game, when I'm on Dxun.

I do have an idea for a mod I could make and distribute publicly through. An Attribute editing mod. My idea is: 50 Attributes at the start, +5 new Attributes per every 5 lvl ups. 50 lvl-ups total plus that 50 makes 100 total attributes.

So I'm guessing I'll have to look in Attributes.2da and Attributegain.2da (or whatever .2das the attribute settings are in) to change that, right? It sounds simple enough. With a mod like that a person could play in psuedo-God-mode, being extremely powerful and skilled, but also still have a decent challenge in conjunction with the Hardcore Difficulty mod.


Well I really have no clue as to how to do the infinite respawns. None this code makes any sense to me (I genrally using Notepad++ for coding stuff, usually simple stuff like XMLs and HTML), and I'm not sure if I'm opening the right file. There seem to be 3 different subfiles for each module...

I also can't find what files control the attribute gain-rate.

Please feed the trolls. XD

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