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model variation is a field in the uti,in kotor tool it is the first page,make sure your upgrade item .tga matches the naming convention of the game with your 255 number at the end of it,then set the model variation to 255 in the uti,for example,my cure force potions i made are a variation of combat stims,the naming convention is ii_Adrenaline_xxx(where xxx is the actual number) the stock game has 6 stims,my new potions are model variation ii_Adrenaline_007 008 and 009,i set the numbers 7 8 and 9 as the model variations in the uti files,hope that helps

Edit: another thing,for your upgrade item(s) to be useable(upgrade an item with them) they must be put in a 2da file named upgrade.2da,then they will be usable

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