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Post The Jedi Knight 2 Forum

Be warned, this is a rant.

It seems to me, that many people are not reading the descriptions of the sections of the forum before they head on in, and post all the wrong stuff. This section of the forum (the Jedi Temple) is for Jedi Knight 2 discussion, and things directly relating to it ONLY! You can post just about whatever you want in the Theed Hanger, but, please keep it out of here, it's cluttering up the place way too much. Also, don't post new topics unless it's necessary. Always look for a topic relating to what you're going to post and post there instead. Please everyone, being new is no excuse, it specifically says what this sections for right under the link, and if you can't read, what's the point of using a forum, and a computer for that matter.

It can be argued that because I'm not a moderator, I had no right to say that, but someone has to. So please everyone, regard this post and use this forum as it's meant to be used. It can also be argued that this post does not relate to JK2 and thus belongs on the Theed Hanger, but if the person is already posting all their junk there, then they don't need to read this do they? Alright, I'm done.

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