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Akagi nodded with recognition, but not completely in a good way.

Yes, they had trained together in some of Akagi's earlier journeys, but not all went well. There was a slight history, including Sam disgracing one of Akagi's friend's familys, shaming them greatly. Akagi's opinion of Sam greatly changed, and it was nearly his duty to avenge his friend's shame.

Akagi let out a roar of complete anger and fury and swung his katana around at Sam's neck.

But he stopped it a mere centimeter from his throat.

"Remember who's mercy you're at. My friend's disgrace will be avenged. Remember that."

Akagi quickly sheathed the blade and turned to the other two villagers, and he did a small bow towards them.

"I wish to apologize for my quick judging behaviour. It was not my place to do such things."

He came up from the bow and turned to the woman,"If you mentioned food, if it would be alright, I would enjoy some. I apologize."

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