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Originally Posted by Nietzsche's God View Post
What make you think that the CIS faction will be in the new game?
A zillion people have seen the new trilogy. A decent number know of the old republic. 100 or so know of the other eras. Guess which eras are going to sell the best?
Originally Posted by Nietzsche's God View Post
Anyway, I find it nothing of an issue of having Jet Troopers creating a problem with the "Balance" of the game.
Other than like having anyone who has the jet trooper class being all but unkillable during chaotic battles and being able to get to incredibly cheap camping spots.
Originally Posted by Nietzsche's God View Post
All you have to do is create something where that players have to get a lot of points to get a rare class such as the Jet Trooper in order to play it; moreover, there should be limited available Jet Troopers on the battlefield, or there would be no balance.
Oh so make it so that you can have them in the last minute or so of gameplay, that sounds delightfully fun, Im sure people will love a unit that they can use for .1% of their play time.

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