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I think Palpatine would still be as likely to attempt to turn at least one of the Skywalker twins. He knows very well how powerful 'the offspring of Anakin Skywalker' would be. And he wants a new apprentice anyway, Starkiller in the state he is in the DS ending is not a worthy successor. Further, Palpatine would have someone to send after them that would not be distracted by an emotional link.

I think also that rebels would be much more hesitant about showing themselves, with Organa, Mothma, Bel Iblis and Kota all executed by Palpatine. Kenobi would most likely have continued to await the appropriate time to train Luke. Leia may have ended up being either executed, considering that her father was killed as a traitor, or blown up along with Alderaan...but anyway, I think the Emperor would then focus his efforts on finding Luke and Kenobi, without the distraction of full-scale rebellion. And considering the obvious quality of the Empire's spies - able to find four Jedi in hiding - it looks probable that Starkiller would find them. Then, all bets are off. It is shown, though PROXY, that Starkiller had the potential to kill Kenobi even in his prime, but as said, he has no loyalty to Palpatine. It never seemed properly explained why Starkiller would serve Palpatine...

My opinion is, and has been since the game's launch, that the twit should've sided with Palpatine. Ah well...

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