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Originally Posted by Zwier Zak View Post
I belive it's the developers who weaken the pc market. If there were more games more people would play.
If there were more playable games people would play. I picked up RA3 for the PC a while ago, yeah okay, EA automatically ruins everything it gets it's hands on, but the specs said it's minimum requirements were 64mb graphics card, I have a 128 and I can only barely run the game on it's minimum settings.

Developers need to realize that gamers aren't social elites, we don't have thousands of dollars to drop on the latest machine to run the latest game that we know will be outdated in a year.(or a month depending on just how high end it is). And it doesn't help that the cost of games is going up and the quality isn't matching.

An MMO doesn't warrant a high cost or a monthly fee, a good game does, if that game is an MMO, we'll pay for it, but we're not walking wallets.

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