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Originally Posted by canderis View Post
Well as some of you know I am making a Billboard mod and I have modeled a billboard for K1 and its uwv mapped and stuff but I know you need a PWK file or something like that so I would like to know how to make that and save it. I also need to know how to export a model from gmax using NWN max as I could never do it successfully. Thanks in advanced!
Well to export out of Gmax you'll need a Aurorabase of another Placeable.

For example get the model PLC_bed01.mdl & mdx.
Make an ASCII of it and import it.

Just delete the original bed model: Then select all your stuff in the scene.
Go to General Utils (top tab) in the NWmax palette and hit Fast Linker.

After that select the aurorabase, rename it to anything you fancy, to keep things simple keep the PLC_yournameherewhateveryouliketonameit

In the Aurorabase look for the Export Geom Only button, hit that.
You're model should now been exported out. To say where it needs to go, use the Browse button to setup the export path.

If you still don't get anything, check if the Snoop script is running, if its on, you should have a green NW in a black box, in your taskbar, next to your clock.

You should find a shortcut in, example: Programfiles/Gmax

When you double click on it it'll start Gmax with the Snoop script running.

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Though IIRC, this was only with the latests versions of Gmax/NWmax.

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