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Leia may have ended up being either executed, considering that her father was killed as a traitor, or blown up along with Alderaan...
I can't imagine anything happening to Leia other than execution shortly after the Battle on the Death Star. As for the "possibly blown up on Alderaan" idea... In order for Leia to be destroyed with Alderaan, there would have to be two Leias - one who stays on Alderaan, and another who joins a rebellion that doesn't exist in order to steal the Death Star plans, and then gets captured and brought to the Death Star, where Tarkin decides that the only way to get her to tell the location the nonexistent rebel main base is to threaten her home planet of Alderaan. You've just created a time paradox.

It is shown, though PROXY, that Starkiller had the potential to kill Kenobi even in his prime
Uhh, no. PROXY showed that Starkiller had the potential to defeat a droid that looked like Kenobi.

It never seemed properly explained why Starkiller would serve Palpatine...
Same reason Vader did. If he refused, Palpatine would kill him, and he wants revenge on Palpatine anyway (for not letting him die, among other things), so that's a motivation.

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