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Tensions rise when Yan-Ze returns to the place he swore to leave behind. Will the last of the Tythons keep the prophecy alive?
And we learn Yan has made some...powerful enemies over the years.

Comments greatly appreciated!

When two men meet
“Master Vrook. What is your opinion about the situation?”
Vandar tried to draw Vrook into the discussion.
Vrook didn’t move a muscle:
“I believe it’s in the best interest for everyone that you stay here, Yan-Ze. At least for some time.”
Yan-Ze stood in the middle of the circle in the council chamber.
“But you did sent that other group away. The one with the soldier and padawan. What can they possibly do what I can’t? I’m far more experienced everyone in that group combined!”
Vrook smiled, for the first time this conversation, and looked at master Zhar.
The Twilek stared at Vrook for a minute before speaking:
“Yan, let me ask you something. Did you feel anything strange about that group of seemingly random people?”
Yan thought for a second. He had felt the presence of an extraordinary strong force user in the ship.
“Is this about the Jedi Master accompanying the group?” He tried.
Vandar put up a gesture before either Vrook or Zhar could answer.
“Possibly. What if I tell you this master is a padawan? And already stronger then all of us combined?”
Yan-Ze smiled:
“Impossible. I felt he was an adult. Scars of battle on his body. The darkness he has met. He is no child. How could he have not been discovered? Did he live on Tatooine or something? The Jedi order doesn’t accept adults. Never.”
Suddenly, an insane idea hit him. To crazy to be true…but…the ‘padawan’ did feel familiar.
“Why…was Bastilla with him?” He cautiously asked.
Vander stood up, smiling sadly.
“I think you understand the nature of their mission now. If Bastilla can keep him on the light path, he can be the hero we need. The one who can defeat the Sith. The one who…”
Vrook cleared his throat.
“I told you the plan was insane. If Bastilla succeeds, there’s a small chance the Jedi order will be saved. If Bastilla fails, there’s a certainty he will rejoin the Sith, effectively destroying the Jedi order. Yan has seen what this man can do.”

Yan-Ze nodded.
“For starters, you are all insane. Second, send me after them. I know some people on that ship. Although my senses need adjusting, I’m stronger then Bastilla will ever be. Sent me after them. And if he tries to join the Sith, I will kill him myself. And after him, Malak.”
He looked around the council. Killing Malak had been on his mind for a long time now.
“I will be meditating if you need me.”

“We have arrived at Dantooine, Jormin. Time to speak with the council.” Kavar said.
Jormin woke up from his sleep.
“Sure…I can’t wait to see what they’re up too.”
Several minutes later the freighter landed in one of the free landing pads. The one next to them was occupied by a luxurious shuttle, whilst the last one was empty as well.
Jormin grabbed his backpack from the table and followed Kavar for the exit ramp.
The doors slowly opened and a small ramp shoved out from beneath the ship.
Several minutes later they entered the central of the enclave: A large tree with benches and students around it. Students of every possible race, age that Jormin had ever seen.
Enjoying the sunlight, a somewhat older man sat down with his back against the tree.
When Jormin and Kavar walked passed him, Jormin couldn’t help but stare at the man’s face. It was…somewhat familiar. Where had he seen it before?
Suddenly, the man opened his eyes.
“Ever been to Taris?”
“What? Huh?” Jormin babbled.
The older man (Jormin though him to be in his 30’s) walked up to him and the two man shook hands.
“Yan-Ze. Jedi, Farmer and Jedi again. Nice to meet you.” The man said.
“Jormin of Tython, or Jormin Antilles as most people know me. Spy, mercenary, fugitive. Nice to meet you too.” Jormin smiled.
Kavar nodded.
“I see you have taken up your saber once more, Yan?”
Yan’s smile disappeared.
“After all that has happened, I still find that cutting tool very useful yes.”
“You still blame the council, Yan?” Kavar asked.
“Maybe. You never tried to prove my innocence. Only Vandar did.”

Jormin could feel the tension between the two men.
“Ehm. Maybe we should head for the council chamber?” He asked.

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