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I just finished Broken Sword 2.5. I'm very impressed. The new artwork fits in perfectly in the Broken Sword world, and the new characters do too. Though the tramp in the alley is very gross. And his animation was really creepy.

The 3D cutscenes were good, except the ones with the characters. It's not that they were bad, it's just that it contrasted with the 2D look the game had. The story was quite good, but the explanation of the use of the artifact George and Nico were hunting for was a little strange.

This is a game that I would have enjoyed if I had to pay for it. The fact that it was a free fan game is amazing! I haven't played Broken Sword 3 yet, but now I really have to do it. It will be fun to see how well this really does bridge the games together.
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