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Originally Posted by Jason Skywalker View Post
I see. Would me formatting my laptop work on erasing my problem or would i just be wasting my time?
Its possible. Quite often, fluffing around with drivers can leave a corrupted driver cache and a resultant config mess.

Again, the only warning here is only do it if it wont mess with your warranty. Warranties on laptops are like gold ! Of course, usual advice regarding reformat applies:
>>Save all important data/docs/photos/savegames to external source
>>Check your installed programs menu - note anything important and make sure you have the install disks. If you dont, and you do a reformat > you wont get them back!
>>Be aware that re-activating windows on the laptop after a second install, even with your legit key, can often lock you out and tell you to get a new key. This usually requires a call to MS for a new key
Recommended>> build a driver profile. Go to the manufactuers site for your laptop/model. Download all the drivers and keep on an external source, always good to have on hand, especially after reformats. Dont forget graphics and network drivers especially. of course, you may need to go to nvidia separately for newest GPU drivers.
>>if you use FF, use foxmarks extension to back up all your book marks online, I LOVE this! Otherwise, export manually.

good luck!


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