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yeah I'm on there too but Ill leave it as your mission to find me - I have the MI1 poster has my profile pic with my head as Guybrush - the picture I used had just the perfect expression to make it awesome looking.

Yes they have wireless power - and they have had it for a long time
Tessla actually wanted to use his coils everywhere - the problem is it emits the power everywhere which you have to think about how would you turn a computer much less a light bulb off.

Now a days they can direct it almost like a laser but the amount you loose makes it impractical.

What I want to see wireless power beamed down from space. Massive generators in space would have the advantage that once you start them they will want to keep moving as long as you minimize friction. So you have these giant generators that condence the energy and shoot it down at the earth. A retrieval plant would be in the precise location to retrieve the beam and divide up the energy between other sub plants. It would all be cool until someone hacks into the condenser array and frys a few towns or evaporates the oceans. That or it might just set the atmosphere on fire. Ok so whos up to helping me build the thing?


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