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i put the files for this current mod right into the base folder (make sure to save your saves somehwere else if you put anything into the base)..but usually you put maps and mods into the GameData folder and run them as a mod or type in the map name using the console, you can open up the pk file to get the exact name if you need to or usually it is on a good comprehensive Read Me...or some map or mod packs come with a .bat to run them with.

ys good list there Ham, i am going to do all of them here soon Michael May is awesome, as is Dash Rendarwhich is by Mercenary, he is doing a new version of it for JKA, Escape from Takron Galton by Big Shirtless Ron is awesome, Imperial Base is one i have in my files, i will dig that out, thanks for the reminder....

another fine map for JKO by Mike May is Spice Mines on Kessel,

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