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Kaneda stared up at the large, rounded Hokage residence. The sun shined on its red-painted surface. He yawned as he walked through the front door and walked his way to the Hokage's office.

He faced the closed door infront of him. But he stopped when he heard strange sounds coming from within. It almost sounded like growling and grunting, but the sound was muffled. Curious as to what it was made from, Kaneda opened the door.

HIs eyes narrowed on the figure sitting on the seat, with its arms behind its head and the chair leaned back with the man's feet sitting on the desk cluttered with papers. The strange noise was coming from the snoring of the 6th Hokage: Naruto Uzamaki. He was fast asleep.

"Urm... hello?" Kaneda spoke. The Hokage still didn't wake up. He was wearing his flame patterned Jacket over his black and orange jumpsuit. HIs blond hair had increased in size, and the three scars on each cheek were still present. Uzamaki had grown older, but not with the mind of a matured adult.

Suddenly, someone had rushed past Kaneda and towards the sleeping beast in the chair. "The amount of times I have to wake him up..."

The figure started shaking the Hokage lightly, but Naruto still hadn't budged. He growled more snoring in his chair. "I-I'm deeply sorry about this. He's not used to waking up early in the morning."

Kaneda looked dumb founded. He wasn't sure what to do in the situation where the Hokage was sleeping on the job. The assistant still shook Naruto, until he eventually woke up. "Yeah, yeah, yeah! I'm up!"

He out stretched his arms and gave a big yawn. He looked across the table towards his visiter.

"Er... Oh, right. Kaneda Yamagato..." he searched through his pile of papers to pick up a file. "Our other guest hasn't arrived yet... whats keeping him. Eh, he should be arriving shortly anyway..."
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