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sorry for double posting. This is somewhat like a bump, to inform the other players who aren't that familiar with the Naruto universe.

Ok, here is the basic summary (sorry if this seems like an essay)

To sumarise, the manga/anime tells the story of an hyperactive, unpredictable knuckleheaded ninja called Naruto. Was an orphan since birth, Naruto was disrespected by all the people in his village because he held the demon nine-tail fox spirit that threatened to destory their village Konoha. As a result, he was isolated and became somewhat of a loner. Naruto dreamed of becoming Hokage (the leader of his village), so he can gain respect. Naruto was teamed up with his rival Sasuke and his childhood crush Sakura, and was sent on missions led by their sensei Kakashi.

Through the course of events, we all learn about the background and history of several other characters, particuly Sasuke. Because Sasuke's brother Itachi was ordered to eliminate all members of the Uchiha clan: his family. Left as an orphan, Sasuke vowed to avenge the death of his family by pledging to kill his brother. Eventually, the team encountered Orochimaru, a vamperic-like ninja who is greatly feared by the ninja and performs many ninjustus revolving around snakes. He offers Sasuke a chance to avenge the death of his clan by joining him and his gang, while plotting to steal Sasuke's body in Orochimaru's quest for immortality.

After facing and losing to Itachi and the Akatsuki organisation, Sasuke became desperate to become more powerful to kill his brother. And so, he runs away from
the Konoha village in search of Orochimaru to take up on his offer. Sakura, having to possess feelings for Sasuke, desperately asks Naruto to bring him back. Naruto agrees and runs off with a team of four other ninja to search for Sasuke. He eventually finds Sasuke and loses to him in battle, and so this makes Naruto determined to bring Sasuke back for Sakura.

Shippuden era: After Two and a Half years of training with Jiraiya (Naruto's godfather), Naruto returns to the village and is greeted by all his friends again. Orochimaru is dying and feels it is time to take advantage of Sasuke by stealing his body. Overwhelmed by Sasuke's new power, Orochimaru is defeated and his gang is left under Sasuke's control. With Sasuke now in control, he reforms Orochimaru's gang into "Team Snake", with the goal of eliminating Itachi. After facing and defeating Itachi, Sasuke learns that Itachi had killed his clan only because Konoha had ordered him to. As a result, Sasuke renames his team from "Snake" to "Hawk", and set themselves a new goal: to destory Konoha by joining the Akatsuki and their leader: Pain.

At some point during Shippuden, his godfather Jiraiya had also been killed in a battle with Pain. Naruto was then trained in the sage arts and learned the form "Hermit Mode", which is basically the naruto version of a Super Saiyan . During Pain's invasion against Konoha, Naruto has used this form against him in battle.

Yeah, thats pretty much what has happened so far.
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