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Here's some that I recommend:

Coruscant - Jedi Temple link
Jedi Temple loading screens 2.0 link
TSL Un-Restored Content final version link
TSL Un-Restored Content/USM compatibility patch link
Admirality mod link
The Battle of Telos link
Trayus Academy Clothing fix link
Cati link
Prologue - Peragus - Harbinger Correction Mod (1.1) link
M4-78 movies 2.0 link
M4-78 USM compatibility patch link
Weapon Finesse Icon Fix link
TSL Onderon Palace Expanded link
Movie Style Dark Side Transitions link

For the USM compatibility patches note that you should install M4-78's compatibility patch first except for 650dan.dlg then after installing TSL Un-Restored Content install TSL Un-Restored Content's USM patch
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