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Name: Takeda Kuei
Age: 17
Rank: Chunin
Appearance: Takeda
Personality: Takeda's personality is much like his jutsu, cold. He hardly ever laughs and takes things very seriously. He will do whatever he can to get the mission done, no matter the cost. Though he may be could, Takeda does have a sense of honor and is known to have a heart for those he considers friends.
Weapons/Equipment:Shurikens(which he freezes as he throws).
Nature Type: Water and Wind
Justu: Ice Release:
Ice Blast- Fires a ball of ice out of his hands
Frozen Rain- Takeda fires a series of icicles from the sky at the attacker
Ice Clone- Creates a clone out of ice which protects him from attack or freezes the attacker
Frozen Blades- Takeda creates two large icicles on his hands which he can use like swords
Icy Beam- Fires two palm sized ice beams from his hands which he can use to create barriers for protection or to freeze something.
Chiller Touch- Takeda's deadliest move. It takes all of his energy to pull this move off but the effect results in death. Takeda grabs his attacker with his hand and freezes him in place.
After Training:
Buntai Affinity Seal: Said to be the equivalent to the Werebeast form. Takeda's body turns to pure ice, making not only himself more powerful but his jutsu as well. The down side is it drains chakra, and he can only hold it for 40 minutes.
Ice Dragon: Using the ice around him, Takeda can create an ice dragon which will attack his enemies.
Frozen Fury: While using the seal Takeda's strength and speed are drastically increased. While technically not a jutsu, Takeda has taught himself to not only hit harder but faster as well.
Changes in Personality: Ever since he failed to save Asuka many months ago, his personality is slowly changing. While once a quiet one who rarely relied on emotions, they seem to fuel him now. He'll do whatever it takes to get Asuka back, even if it means death.
Background: As a young child Takeda was always quite talented with his justu. He trained with his father every day in unarmed combat and received justu training from his mother as well. Takeda had developed his Ice Release at the age of 12 and has been practicing with it ever since. With the death of his parents at 14, Takeda lost his youth and became a cold individual. He usually keeps to himself, unless he is to work with other ninja.

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