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I should go.
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Akagi nodded and turned to the man across the counter.

He slightly hesitated as he spoke,"The Tue-tuesday special..sir."

The man raised an eyebrow and nodded, a small smile secretly creeping onto his face.

"Okay...if that's what you's comin'."

A few minutes later, the man presented Akagi with a small bowl of what looked like chopped noodles, or something like that.

Akagi fished out some chopsticks that he kept in his pack and took a small 'ramen' from the bowl.

He put into his mouth and chewed. His eyes immediately began to water and he stopped chewing for a second. His face turned slightly red from the spicyness, he quickly recomposed himself and swallowed.

He nodded,"Uhh....not bad. Thank you..." Akagi looked back down at the bowl and wondered how something so spiced could be so fantastic to eat.

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