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A while back Logan23 posted these screenshots, but wanted to change the yellow stripes a bit. So, I asked if I could do it.

Here is what I've come up with:

I changed the yellow to green, and added a new logo to the hat and sleeves. It is based on two Corellian Engineering Corps logos. I chose green because I read "The color green also seemed to hold special meaning, as it was considered the traditional coloration for wedding gowns, Jedi robes, and CorSec markings." on Wookieepedia. I went one step further with the Officer uniform, and made the whold jacket green. As a result, the Officer's uniform is a little more showy than the soldier's.

Next up is a new male head that I think would make for a good looking Uldir Tanik:

The in-game shot is a little more refined than the gmax shot, but the gmax shot also shows my proposed dark side transitions. It's getting hard to make these characters look distinct from one another , especially the DS transitions. I'm trying to avoid tattoos, yet retain the TSL standard "zombie" look. All I've got left to play with is facial hair.

Logan, let me know what you think for "Uldir". I don't think that the head you're using right now has mask or goggle hooks.

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