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Originally Posted by Qliveur
I really don't have a clue as to whether Tessera stole anything from Wesp or not.
I really wasn't trying to start anything, only trying my best to state fact, if anyone cared, if they don't that's fine too. As long as you have a good game experience that's all the matters.

It's quite common knowledge and verifiable on the active Bloodlines forums like the official at gamespy and gamebanshee. The true-patch has been allowed to post it's content recently, in the official forums after being banned on gamespy. He also was banned on gamebanshee, though I don't know if he can post there again yet. Basically he had to promise to stop going into Wesp's threads and making up things starting trouble.

I have been testing on the Unofficial Patch since it first was first started by DanUpright, at the first official forums on Dilapidation, in case I needed to make any kind of disclosure. Leonard and many of the devs came to the forum and even asked for help, with the game breaking bug at Society of Leopold, which Dan was able to fix and started the Unofficial Patch.

Best I can tell Troika didn't make it cause they never were given enough time to make their games, by their publishers. Of course all the publishers wanted the best top tier RPGs, but as so often the case they rarely if ever let Devs have the time they need. Troika games always had the most complex choices and possible ways of solving quests, which made it nigh impossible to Q/A, it's not that they weren't good at it, afaik they made some of the best RPGs ever.

Bloodlines was obviously caught up in the Half-Life 2 Code theft which froze the work on Bloodlines since Activision had to wait for HL2 to ship first and there was no way of knowing when HL2 would ship. Gabe later admitted the real reason it took so long was HL2 was not ready which killed Bloodlines development. Troika tried to get another game started and had a demo for Fallout 3, but they didn't get the job. sadly. Once Activision was given the word, they gave Troika 3 months to just bug fix to get the game out the door. This is when they started cutting all the content like Multiplayer, which btw is sort of working now days, with a working server iirc.
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