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There was a pause after the man named Gatoa finished speaking. "And thats the deal. This clan who call themselves the Ogawa are threatening the ecosystem of the Sacred Burial Site. They are invaders more like, and they must be stopped."

The Hokage scratched his head and pulled out a file from within his desk, listing any organisation or clan marked with a name begining with the letter "O". He flipped through the file and eventually gave up and closed it. "Hmmm... my records show no listing of such a group or organisation..."

"These people are recent. They're newly established, which is why you cannot find anything. Much like us: the Arashi is a fairly young organisation dedicated to protecting our ecosystems and environment."

"What exactly is this sacred burial ground, though?" Kaneda wondered. Gatoa turned to him.

"Its an ancient temple from an early civilisation. It served as a tomb for the Warlord Magato and his servants. Outside the temple, the area is covered with a very lush and rare plants and vegetation. We cannot afford to lose them to these savages..."

Gatoa threw a document with images of the site onto the Hokage's desk. Naruto examined it. "I heard of such a place. Hmmm... yeah, the Shinobi have recently discovered this place. This temple was built underground: the vegetation grows in within the darkness."

"Yes, and the shinobi that discovered the temple were eliminated by the Ogawa. This act of barbarism shall not go unnoticed. They must pay for their crimes!"

Naruto put a hand near his mouth, while thinking. He removed the hand, and looked back up. "Alright, then we shall essemble a team to accompany you to the burial site. Kaneda and Sam are already assigned for this mission, but we'll need more man power by the look of this... Hinata."

He looked at his assistant. She finally revealed her face to everyone: she was a very distant person. Her lavender eyes looked down at Naruto as her name was called up. "We'll need abit of muscle in this. <sigh> I'm gonna regret doing this... Summon Tategami immediatly."

"R-Right..." she said nervously. Then she smiled and walked out of the room. Naruto looked up. "Alright, that two members with the possibility of a third. Kaneda and Sam, I want you to go around the village and select some of your strongest peers for this mission. But not too many, we'll wanna keep this inconspicuous."
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