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ok. so ive been dealing with this problem with a nice dose of procrastination until now...

i just found another victim on that idiot trojan's hitlist: msconfig. gah, with all these utilities gone, it doesnt matter if the virus has been thrown out (which i think it has been), i need to repair the files!
to do that i need the xp cd, which i dont have. i386 seems to be the answer, but ive lost the guide that i found to create a setup disc put of it.
astro, when you mentioned sfc, that was to repair the messed up cmd and regedit utilities, right? ive heard i can make sfc use i386 as the source to make repairs... but ive also heard that the way do that is through regedit, which is dead. is there any other way to do this?

you also asked me if i could use internet connection sharing... i just got that problem solved and i can use my laptop to connect my ibm to the interwebs. what were you intending with it?

mfw I read the Revan novel

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