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Name: Sayomi Kahanashi

Age: Unknown (is thought to be in her teens; around 17)

Rank: Kage (Technically), Kage Level

Appearance: Sayomi wears a cloak that resembles the Akatsuki's in design although the clouds are slate grey instead of red and the cloak is more form fitting. She also wears a rice had similar to the ones the Akatsuki used to wear which covers her eyes hiding them from the world.

Personality: Mysterious, angry, and deceitful.

Weapons/Equipment: The Kusanagi, though she doesn't carrie it on her, it is stored away in a safe place for quick use.

Nature Type: Fire

Justu: The 7th Seal (for releasing her demon seal to it's seventh level)
-Gate Destruction (for breaking open all 8 gates at once)
-Releasing Seal (for releasing her "Hell's gate" curse mark)
-Dimensional Shift (allowing her to hop dimensions or pull various weapons out dimension storage)
-Chakra chains
-Chakra viens
-Grand Fireball Jutsu
-Multi-elemental clone jutsu
-Ignition Jutsu (allows her to set things on fire with her mind)
-Shadow walker Jutsu (Allows her to displace herself in this dimension to be able to phase through things like weapons and to be able to literally go into another person and take control of their body with no physical side effects to herself or the person she's taken control of)
-Floating Jutsu (this allows her to float in mid air using the same technique that is used to walk on water.)
-Genocide (This allows her, providing that she's collected enough power to use it, to wipe out an entire battle ground.)
-Morphic sound (This allows her to manipulate sound waves in the same way gaara manipulates sound)
-Ultima Demon Mangekyu Sharigon Genjutsu's

Background: Sayomi Kahanashi was born in the village hidden in the sound and as a small child she was taken from her parents never to know who they were or where they came from. Orochimaru saw potential in her as he began preforming wild tests on her, she was one of VERY few who survived all of the tests and happens to be the only one still alive who got through the trials of it. When she was only 10 years old she was appointed to Orochimaru's personal ANBU squad as the leader, meaning she lead all of the ANBU throughout the village. Sayomi, during a mission, discovered things about her past that Orochimaru had kept from her. Enraged she left the village carving a slash through her head band making her the first rouge ninja from the hidden sound. She sought out the Akatsuki, found them, and from sheer rumors of her past they accepted her into the organization... providing that she completed various tasks. After she had returned, it had been a couple years and the Akatsuki was in heated battle. She saw this and decided to take herself out of the mix allowing what would've happen to happen. She eventually found Orochimaru and destroyed him for what he had done as well as destroying his village, Otogakure. She once again sught out the Akatsuki only find the members of the organization that she had once be brought into were now all gone and the Akatsuki was no more. Because of her immense anger at this the clouds on her cloak physically changed becoming a slate gray color. She swore revenge on Kahona... and that brings us to right now...

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