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Michael May
SP Jedi Knight Academy Level
5.01 MB
December 26, 2005

Links Updated July 2011

The Jedi Council has sent you to the main spaceport of the planet Okofo to find the dangerous criminal Lord Lukman. Hunt him down, but be care that he can't flee again. For this reason, find his spacecraft first and disable the departure. After this go for him and take any action as necessary to stop him.
Good luck and may the Force be with you.

Mike is one of our Master Map and Level makers for both JKA and JKO, and has achieved some of the finest effects, ambience and feeling of all of his work in this level. It has a brooding intensity, a depth and intricacy that is like a jewel, with many facets. He took a year working on this one level set. And you can see the craftsmanship in it.

You will want to savor this one, take your time, and don't rush. It has complexity, some of the finest texture work I have seen in a Jedi Knight game and shows what the game engine is capable of in the hands of an artist.

You have all the details of a fine JK map here: a good plot, fine level design, excellent lighting and texturing, and full immersion plus secret areas, custom scripting and everything to make this one of the finest levels done yet.

Create in your Gamedata folder (not in the /base folder) a new folder called spaceport and unzip straight into it. After this launch the Star Wars Jedi Academy SP normally, selecting and loading Mod "Spaceport" in the SETUP/MODS menus. This set of levels is a finely tuned work of great craftsmanship for you have to naviagte thru some very complex levels and areas, and you get to use all your skills and craft as a Jedi in the process. I loved the lighting and the feeling of immersion throughout this work, and really recomend it to you and Mike's other maps and levels are equallly beautiful, for both JKA and JKO.

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Troubles on Nar Shaddaa (April 2002)

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