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In a local apartment of the village, Asuka Kyo was meditating, sitting on her cushion. Eyes closed and legs crossed, she started to focus on her jutsu. Like Sensei Benjiro taught her: Set your mind in a calmer state. Never embrace the anger. It's like Fire. But Water is calmer. More focused...

"I... am strong," Asuka whispered. "I... will not back down. One heart... one mind. I will do whatever I can to be a protector. A guardian."

As she continued to meditate, something came to mind. Asuka's eyes shot open. "Just remembered. Naruto's here in the village." The young Chunin stood up from the cushion, and looked around. "Maybe I should ask if I could be assigned a mission." Asuka thought deeply. Then she said, "But then... I might be too late."

The young woman smiled. "That's ridiculous. It's never too late for a mission." Smiling, she stepped out of the apartment, closing the door. As she walked down the path, Asuka thought about all that she had been through. Teaching under both sensei, which was the old wise man Benjiro and her crazy but loving uncle Chokichi.

Asuka smiled. "I'll find a way to help this village or any place that is in need." She then looked up at the sky and smiled sadly. "I will not fail you mom and Uncle Chokichi."
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