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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
A problem with that argument is that they have developed a way to use the stem cells found on the umbilical cord from birth, they have the same properties as those found in an embryo, but you are not terminating life.
Please, cite a citation to a primary source that not only explains this but shows how its more effective than simply using the embryonic stem cells found in blastocysts that aren't even fetal yet (and thus not people), which are destined to be disposed of.

Again that depends, there have been significant advances in using adult stem cells, there are also other sources of stem cells with similar properties as embryonic stem cells as I mentioned.
The latter point is uninformed and incorrect. The former point is true, which I've already indicated. However, these advances are limited and not significant enough when it comes to the pluripotency of embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cells are multipotent and not pluripotent to the degree that embryonic are.

Am against abortions, fertility clinics, and embryonic stem cell research, if we didn't have the first two in play this ethical mess wouldn't be there in the first place.
Then I suggest you not use their services. Many individuals, couples and families enjoy a better quality of life because abortions are possible, fertility clinics available, and stem cell research viable. If it violates you personal opinion, don't utilize their services. Imposing your opinion on others must, necessarily invoke superstitious arguments which are completely irrational as I've demonstrated quite successfully here.

Question is how are you getting these embryos, are you creating them only to destroy them?
No. Embryonic stem cell lines are obtained from various sources which are creating embryos for other purposes, primarily in vitro fertilization where a couple unable for various reasons to create viable embryos through copulation can have the fertilization process done in the controlled setting of a laboratory and the egg then implanted in the woman's uterus. The process of fertilization creates more embryos than needed and, rather than destroy the unused embryos (blastocysts of only a few dozen to a few hundred cells), the idea is to use them for their stem cells.

Its important to note that this fertilization process, while it is in a laboratory setting, is almost the same as what occurs in the human body. Through sex, a woman can often have multiple eggs fertilized at the same time, but only one survives. Sometimes none survive. There is no brain development at the blastocyst level. There is no nerve function. The human blastocyst from which stem cells are derived is no more intelligent than the bacteria between your toes thriving in your colon. Sentience is not possible without a brain.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
I just stated I'm against fertility clinics as well, there are a lot of children that aren't wanted that need homes.
This is an argument from ignorance. Fertility clinics provide a service to couples that would like to have their own children. Children which have 23 chromosomes from dad; 23 from mom. Not 46 from strangers. Surely you can see the benefit. If not, again, there is a simple solution: don't use the services of a fertility clinic.

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