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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
And in my opinion, the instant you see brainwaves, it is a human life. Cause when do you have a soul, I'm going to go with the opinion that it is very early in human development because I'd rather be wrong on that then be wrong the other way and be responsible for the consequences of that.
Other than the "soul" comment (there is, apparently, no such thing. If so, please cite the scientific literature and the Nobel prize winner that reveals it), this is something I can agree with.

Since there are no brainwaves in a blastocyst, then we can agree that embryonic stem cell research is not only appropriate but ethical.

This, by the way, is a blastocyst.

The green cells in the middle are the pluripotent stem cells and necessarily have the potential to divide and become any cell in the body. This is at a stage of perhaps 24-30 hours of development. Not the many weeks required to even notice the first hints of brain development.

These tiny, tiny balls of cells have less intelligence and sentience than bacteria.

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