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Perhaps. I personally don't give a rat's... Media reporting is always problematic. It always will be. People are motivated by false conclusions, affected by compartmentalized thinking, afflicted by critical thought failures, and hampered by superstition where reason and reality should prevail.

News media are invariably biased to one side of a political argument or another and rarely come down in the middle. The failing of Fox news is fear-mongering, hate-propagation and ignorance. The failing of more liberal news outlets is trusting the human condition, pandering to ignorance, and ignoring issues of reason in order to avoid confrontation. And so on with both.

Which is why I set my standards of evidence higher than the average reader/viewer of Fox News or any other news source. Which is why I'll wait until the courts are done with the actual evidence in the matter and decide which of these two clowns gets to be a Senator.

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