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Sam was headed to the Ramen shop, he was not only hungry, but he knew thats where he could find the Akagi, and maybe Karela. He got ther and the roof burst into flame, and heard "Let Konoha and Uzimaki burn!" He looked for the source of the noise, but everyone that was screaming made it difficult. Karela, whom he had noticed, yelled for everyone to get out, she had an idea.
Then, part of the roof collapsed, hitting the cook in the head.
Sam couldn't let him burn in here. He ran over and picked him up just as Karela's Earth Tomb jutsu activated. Sam held his breath and thought as fast as he could What am I going to do... right! he put the cook down and used the signs for his kekkei genkei, Ice Release. His jutsu was weak enough from his recent fight that the ice would melt and evaporate quickly.
I sure hope it does, or my missions over before it began.

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