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When Takeda had woken up, the sun was still at rest. He put on his gear before exiting his room. He walked over to a meditating spot of his and sat on the grass. As he meditated, he thought of hopefully soon becoming a Jonin. It was not much longer after that thought that the rain began to fall down. Takeda didn't move, even when the rain hit him. Takeda had finally reached inner peace in his meditation... however it would be ended abruptly. The smell of smoke had entered his nose and unlike the rain this did bother him. Takeda broke his meditation and looked around. Not too far from him was the source of the smoke. The smoke was pitch black and was large in shape, which could only mean one thing... fire. Takeda got up and ran towards the smoke. As he arrived he noticed a figure running away from the fire. Takeda had just put his guard down when he noticed a samurai chasing the figure with his sword out. He would have attacked the samurai but the fact that the building was on fire proved that the samurai wasn't the attacker.

What's a samurai doing up here... whatever the reason is, I know he's not a threat which means the person being chased must be.

"Ice Blast!" Takeda called as he fired a ball of ice out of his hands at the figure in front of the samurai.

Takeda turned his attention to the building and noticed that Karela had already covered it with stone. Takeda however wasn't completely satisfied.Takeda looked for a window and jumped through it, into the shop. Takeda noticed that Sam was already inside. Sam had some ice justu but it wasn't his specialty like Takeda's. He stood in the middle of the room and concentrated for a few seconds.

"Icy Beam!"

Beams of ice shot out of Takeda's hands as he hit the fire with them. The ice came into contact with the fire and the fire was put out. Takeda proceeded to do this until the fires were gone. Takeda exited through the window and brushed himself off.

"Its alright now Karela, the fire is gone."
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