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If you truly believe so-called "gay marriage" does not affect me or the rest of society, then why are you pushing so hard for it to be recognized? Why not just invent some other term for it, and leave the term "marriage" alone?

What gives you the right to redefine the term marriage to include something it has never included before? THAT looks like an attack upon the traditional institution of marriage - which, of course, it is.

Homosexuality is judged to be unacceptable by the overwhelming percentage of the American population, the American Medical Association, The American Psychiactric Association, and every honest religion. This should be obvious even through the media bias by simply looking at the votes. The general election before last every pro-homosexual bill floated failed...every one. This last general election every anti-homosexual bill passed..every one. Don't believe your own propoganda.

We don't care what you do in you home (Please stop saying we do.) We DO care what you're doing in our public schools with our children. Stop demanding legitimacy for the illigitimate. Homosexuality is wrong. What you, as an adult do, is your own business. But, children should not be exposed to such things.

Now keep your vile affections off my marriage!

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