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Originally Posted by Volar the Healer View Post
I think it's because the evolutionists know Intelligent Design is more logical and has more scientific support than evolution does. But, the only way they can continue teaching it is to not allow the Intelligent Designers to not allow the scientists who used to be evolutionists to say why they've changed their minds. Yes, everyone should question why evolution requires censorship! Ahhhh, it appears we've learned nothing from Copernicus.
Please show me scientific evidence that vehemently proves intelligent design over evolution. While you're at it, please provide me evidence for the existence of (a) God.

To the point: you can't. There is no way anyone can relatively prove nor disprove the existence of a God, which is ultimately a psychological trait imbued to humans as well as a metaphysical entity. As a result, God can't be measured using scientific methods, and therefore, the notion that God created every creature in the world in exactly six days is illogical, and is no way scientific.

However, evolution does not say "There is no God", it just says "God did not create the Earth and all of its biological life in exactly six days".
Evolutionists have to censor other points of view. They know there have been so many discoveries in the last fifteen years that have scientifically disproved evolution that if they become known evolution will die. But, the scientists do know this information, which is why evolution is dead as far as scientists are concerned. It continues today only as a religious belief.
How can evolution be dead? There are absolutely thousands and thousands of documents presenting evidence that promotes the theory of evolution as a legitimate scientific theory.
Something is seriously wrong when I can question my government, but I cannot question your religion - evolution.
How can a scientific theory be a religious denomination?
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