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Sayomi stood 100 yards away from the door facing the party who had just walked outside. She stood there, her cloak flapped in the wind. She stood waiting as she lifted off her rice hat that covered her eyes revealing her fully activate ultima demon mangekyu sharingon and tresses of long platinum blonde hair that whipped in the wind. The dark makeup she had on around her eyes seemed to only accentuate her brutal raw talent and sheer prowess.

Sayomi began to speak and said "I need information..." in a low and angry... but surprisingly collected tone.

She continued to stare at them as if she were gazing into their very souls.

She bagan to speak and said, in the same tone "and you will give me what I want..."

She looked at them evilly. Leaves on the trees around them began to burst into flames filling the air with warmth and smoke.

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