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Originally Posted by ruler1880 View Post
Can somebody please send me this file?
when i'm downloading it it doesn't function

I'll give a copy to you as soon as I am able--I do recall that I have a version of it somewhere. Look for my Private Message.

--- GTA

EDIT: YES! FOUND IT! Check your PM's if you haven't already! (And please be kind to the moderators--edit your post above for reply instead of making another post--saves space that way! )

EDIT EDIT: I don't know, but you probably found this via a search engine 'cuz of some video or something like that. Since a mod already checked you out without chewing your head off, I guess an exception was made.--Generally reviving old threads is a no-no...requests go here.

I'll be quiet, now.

And a personal thank you to J7 for being a kind mod--you didn't have to, but you were a gentleman anyway.

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